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1. What services do you offer as an Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Attorney in South Carolina?


At Ken Allen and Associates, LLC, we specialize in alcohol licensing services in South Carolina; liquor, beer, and wine. Our services include alcohol license applications, renewals, compliance, and legal representation in alcohol licensing matters including the defense of licensees against administrative violations, suspensions and revocations sought by the regulators. 

2. How do I obtain an alcoholic beverage license in South Carolina?


To obtain an alcoholic beverage license in South Carolina, you must meet certain minimum requirements including residency and background checks. You must file an application, making sure to include all of the necessary forms as well as the required legal documents. We can represent you throughout the entire licensing process, ensuring all requirements are met.

3. Can you help with renewing an existing alcohol license?


Yes, we can assist with renewing your existing alcohol license in South Carolina. We'll ensure all paperwork is filed correctly and on time to prevent any disruptions in your business operations.

4. What types of alcohol licenses do you handle in South Carolina?

We handle various alcohol licenses, including retail on-premises, off-premises, wholesaler and manufacturer licenses for beer, wine and liquor. Whether you're a restaurant, hotel, private club, golf course, distillery, or brewery, we can help you obtain the right license.


5. What are the legal requirements for selling alcohol in South Carolina?


Selling alcohol in South Carolina involves adhering to specific state laws and regulations. These requirements may vary depending on your license type and location. We'll guide you through the legal requirements to keep your business compliant. We focus on your licenses so you can focus on your business.

6. What should I do if I'm facing legal issues related to my alcohol license?


If you encounter legal issues regarding your alcohol license, such as, protested applications, violations, suspensions, or revocations, we provide legal representation and expert guidance to help protect your interests and resolve the matter.

7. How long does it take to process an alcohol license application in South Carolina?


The processing time for an alcohol license application in South Carolina can vary depending on the type of license. Generally, it can take several months. We can expedite the process and ensure that your application is submitted correctly on the front end to reduce delays. We can also advise you on whether you qualify for immediate temporary licenses and assist with obtaining them as well.

8. Can you assist with my alcohol license application in any town or county in South Carolina?


Yes, our practice is state-wide. We have obtained liquor/alcohol licenses for clients in Greenville, Spartanburg, Florence, Columbia, Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head and all locations in between.

9. What is the cost associated with hiring a liquor license attorney in South Carolina?


Our fees for liquor license services depend on the scope of your needs. We offer competitive pricing and provide detailed cost estimates during our initial consultation.

10. Do you provide legal counsel for alcohol-related disputes or lawsuits?


Yes and No. Ken Allen and Associates, LLC can represent you in alcohol application matters and defending state alcohol violations. We do not handle related disputes or lawsuits, such as liability issues (dram shop cases) or contract disputes.

For personalized assistance with your liquor and alcohol licensing needs in South Carolina, please don't hesitate to contact Ken Allen and Associates, LLC. Our experienced attorneys are ready to help you navigate the complexities of alcohol licensing and compliance. If you need licensing assistance in another state, contact us. We can help.

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